Red Sox and Yankees confirmed to meet working in MLB games

The Big apple Yankees and Boston Red Sox will face the other by two regular-season games with the London Stadium batch that we get.

“We are giving you one of the greatest rivalries in baseball,” said the MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. Boston would be the home team either way of MLB’s first games in Europe on 29-30 June 2019. The stadium will have a capacity of 55,000 in a baseball configuration.

MLB claimed it also “committed to playing working in london in 2020 and our intention is defined a long-term footprint in the city” as American sports further embrace British fans.

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The NFL has played regular-season games working in since 2007, holding 18 games at Wembley and three at Twickenham. Three more NFL games are scheduled in this year, including one at Tottenham’s new stadium. The NBA and NHL have also held regular-season games inside london.

“The stadium infrastructure with this city gives Major League Baseball every chance to have on a first-class event,” Manfred said. “We hope this series would be the beginning of a partnership with London that persists as well as a continuation of growing exposure for Baseball in Europe.”

MLB has put renewed focus international games since Manfred became commissioner in 2015. Cleveland and Minnesota played a two-game series recently in San Juan, Puerto Rico, while the Los Angeles Dodgers and Hillcrest played a three-game series in Monterrey, Mexico, the other day.

MLB announced on Tuesday that Oakland and Seattle will open pick up on the Tokyo Dome on 20-21 March.


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