Kawhi Leonard’s weird trade into the Raptors saw everybody and no-one win

One of the most bizarre storylines in NBA history has almost, sort of, ended. And you simply know what’s extra strange? The anti-climactic feel today all. 

Kawhi Leonard’s year-long stare-down with all the Spurs visited a conclusion in the beginning Wednesday morning, when using the star moving to Toronto in return for DeMar DeRozan, youngster Jakob Poetl along with a draft pick.

If I just now gave these to you immediately facts: A top-five player during the league will be traded for the best player over the best team from the history of your franchise. Basically gave you very little else, you’ll presume it represented a seismic, landscape-altering shift of powers during the NBA.

Raptors make risky blockbuster trade for Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard

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But the sale doesn’t quite feel like that. In truth, it’s one particular rare moves where everybody and no-one wins.

Let’s focus on the Spurs: this is certainly said to be the end of a sorry saga. Leonard fell by helping cover their management due to a reported misdiagnosis of any mysterious quadriceps injury. The c’s and player could not recognize the injury, nor easy methods to address it. Leonard was not in a position to trust the since mid-January when he reinjured the damaged quad. His relationship while using organization quickly evaporated and demanded a move.

Through that prism, the Spurs did about as well as any team could hope in securing the Raptors deal. The team was without a lick of leverage in negotiations. In landing DeRozan, they bagged another All-NBA player to accompany LaMarcus Aldridge


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