‘I felt anger’: why NBA star Marc Gasol helped crew a migrant rescue boat

Marc Gasol would not overlook the terrified check the facial skin of Josefa, the Cameroonian woman left clinging to a piece of wood for Two days from the Mediterranean. Josefa was the survivor on the shipwreck about 90 miles journey Libyan coast last Sunday. Rescuers recovered two bodies in water alongside her, including what toddler.

“There were items of wood and clothes floating in water,” Gasol told the Guardian. “Then there’s that woman, along with her elbows purchasing a wooden beam. Her eyes were lost while in the void. She was weak as well as in shock. She’d been clinging for that wood together last chunk of strength along with remained like this for Two days. I think of your woman, of her strength. And I felt anger.”

For the last week Gasol, who plays for any NBA’s Memphis Grizzlies, continues to be volunteering up to speed outdoors Arms Proactiva, the ship that rescued Josefa and picked up the bodies of her fellow travelers. Gasol has actively participated in rescue operations: he threw himself into the sea in an effort to recover the bodies of your migrants and helped bring Josefa fully briefed.

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“She may have died, right after minutes, when we hadn’t intervened,” Gasol said by telephone from your rescue ship simply because it sailed for Mallorca. Come early july Gasol who, along with brother Pau, is one of Spain’s most popular athletes, has immersed himself in charity deal with NGO Proactiva Open Arms. While a good many of his fellow NBA stars have spent summer months about the beach, Gasol has chosen to use migrants in the Mediterranean. Initially the 7ft 1in All-Star chose not to ever publicize the decision. ; however ,, within the sight on the bodies in the waves and Josefa’s terrified face


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