Melania Trump praises Lebron in statement after husband insults him

The US first lady, Melania Trump, said she’d likely be operational to coming to the NBA superstar LeBron James’s new public school, the next day her husband questioned the la Lakers player’s intelligence.

Donald Trump taunts basketball’s Lebron at the end of night Twitter rant

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Donald Trump insulted James on Friday night hours after CNN re-aired a discussion while using the basketball player and reporter Don Lemon. “Lebron James was just interviewed because of the dumbest man on tv, Don Lemon,” Trump said. “He made Lebron look smart, which isn’t an easy task to do.”

Many, including professional athletes plus the Republican governor of Ohio, were critical of Trump’s statements.

On Saturday afternoon, Melania Trump also issued an unusual, positive statement about James, but wouldn’t reference her husband.

“It appears to be Lebron is attempting to do great things regarding our next generation and as she has always, the main Lady encourages everyone a great open dialogue about issues facing children today,” an assertion supplied by her spokeswoman said. “As you understand, Mrs. Trump has traveled the land and world conversing with children concerning well-being, diet, and the importance of responsible online behavior together with her Be Best initiative. Her platform centers around visiting organizations, hospitals and schools, and she is open to exploring I Promise School in Akron.”

Because Trump mentioned the NBA legend and Charlotte Hornets principal owner Jordans inside tweet C ending with “I like Mike!” C Jordan also weighed in.

“I support LJ,” Jordan said within a statement. “He’s doing a fantastic project for his community.”

James, probably the most prominent athletes the united states, continues to be critical of Trump for several years.

In September 2017, James called Trump a “bum” for rescinding his invitation to your Golden State Warriors to celebrate their basketball championship which includes a trip to the White House.

“Going towards the White House became a great honor before you showed up!” James tweeted during the time.

In February, James explained why he was critical of the president: “While we simply cannot change what comes out of the man’s mouth, we will always alert individuals that watch us, that pay attention to us, this isn’t the way.”

And in a interview with CNN recently, James told Lemon that Trump was “trying to split our sport, but at the conclusion of the time, sport cause every one of us come together”.

When Lemon asked: “What does one reveal to obama if he was sitting right here?” James said: “I wouldn’t sit across from him.”

Trump’s tweet on Friday night drew accusations of racism because Lemon and James are black men together with been discussing Trump’s previous attacks on black athletes within the interview. Representative Tim Ryan, a Democrat who represents James’s hometown’s district, said: “I think it reveals and continuously show president Trump race baits.”

The sports commentator Bill Simmons tweeted: “LeBron is a wise dude (and a second of the most thoughtful athletes now we have) C it’s a bullshit tweet and feels regarding green little racist.”

James, meanwhile, couldn’t weigh in to the debate and instead on Saturday morning shared photos in the school he just opened.


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