Celtics legend Paul Pierce says brutal stabbing concluded in anxiety attacks and depression

Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce states he experienced depression and panic disorders after being stabbed 11 times.

The attack happened in 2000 outside a nightclub, as well as men were later sentenced for your attack. Pierce required emergency surgery on his lung after obtaining the wounds, one of these was seven inches deep. Within a ESPN story emphasizing mental health within the NBA published on Monday, Pierce said the incident left him deeply traumatised for years afterwards.

“I couldn’t be near crowds,” Pierce said, adding he hired 24-hour security in order to safeguard his home following your attack. “If I acquired from a crowded place, I’d start shaking inside. I had to spend years to overcome that. Easily was walking and someone ran into me or rubbed against me, I’d freak out.”

Pierce said receiving death threats once the attack only increased his anxiety. “So now i am really paranoid,” Pierce said. “I should not go anywhere. Law enforcement sat right in front of my house for months. I became a multitude.”

The 10-time All-Star said his anxiety and depression was eased when he spoken with someone close about his feelings. “I realized, ‘I will need to have carried this out sooner.’ I will tell everyone to have the help they require,” he was quoted saying. “My depression was bad C really bad. Irrrve never wish to feel that way again.” Actually is well liked donated $2.5m towards hospital which in fact had treated him for his wounds.

Once Pierce had recovered from his wounds, he went on on an outstanding season and led the Celtics towards NBA championship in 2008. He told ESPN focusing on basketball had also helped him recover. “I think for this reason I bought back on the court so quick. Me sitting in the home wondering about [the attack] have not. I left for every practice, sat around the sideline for hours, because that is where I felt safe. Some want those practices to finish because browsing needed to rewind around currently that actually scared me.”

Several NBA players have mentioned their mental medical problems recently. Kevin Love said he has to leave out a Cleveland Cavaliers game caused by a panic or anxiety attack, as the San Antonio Spurs’ DeMar DeRozan has talked about his depression.

Pierce ended his career in 2017 with his fantastic jersey was retired by the Celtics trapped on video tape.


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