How sleep and jet-lag influences success inside the travel-crazy NBA

Even with schedule tweaks, NBA teams will pay out additional time at cruising altitude than teams in every other professional league. The fatigue of playing 82 games each year, if not more, extremely. The jet lag from going to 41 road games could be equally difficult.

“You get older knowing about the 82-game schedule within the NBA,” says Golden State Warriors point guard Quinn Cook. “But it is absolutely different probabilities of the particular issue of their schedule yourself.”

The NBA travel schedule, with travel across four timezones, is just as difficult mainly because it comes. NFL teams routinely travel as far, only play once a week. MLB teams play with greater regularity, but spend four to five days in every city, creating fewer miles travelled. NBA teams play, an average of, slightly over three games weekly over a 26-week regular season. And in addition they go far, with a lot of teams travelling approximately 40,000 miles across the regular season.

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