Bryce Harper wins Great hit Derby with late rally in thriller

Bryce Harper thrilled your property crowd and surely made his father proud, winning the All-Star Home Run Derby on Monday night having an exceptional display of energy carried him past Kyle Schwarber on the Chicago Cubs 19-18.

Harper hit the contest-winning blast in additional time, the reward for hitting two homers at least 440 feet in the four minutes of regulation. After he affiliated with the overall game winner, the Washington Nationals slugger threw his bat in the air and pointed both index fingers toward the sky for a shower of streamers rained upon the bunch of 43,698.

The six-time All-Star arranged to have his dad, Ron, pitch to him during the annual contest over the eve on the All-Star Game. Harper responded which includes a performance that drew the loudest cheers of the night at Nationals Park.

It’s been a trying season for Harper, who’s hitting only .214 for any disappointing Nationals, although they are second from the National League for home runs with 23. He won a competitive sport that numerous sluggers avoid, fearful it may well exhaust them and throw them off.

The 2015 NL MVP beat Freddie Freeman of your Atlanta Braves and Max Muncy in the Dodgers before trumping the fifth-seeded Schwarber, who squeeze pressure lets start work on a good outing before Harper stepped to your plate. Wearing a headband that resembled the District of Columbia flag and displaying an appropriate sleeve with stars and stripes, Harper trailed 18-9 with 1:20 left before rallying. He homered on nine of his last 10 swings before entering an extension box.

Hours prior to a session, Harper spoke excitedly about having his dad pitch to him in the contest. The 25-year-old said his father “worked his tail off every single day to maintain me and my family” and “now impromptu him throw to me from a big league ballpark will be the cherry on the top.”

Harper advanced to the final using an astonishing spree of long-ball hitting. He trailed Max Muncy on the Dodgers 12-4 with 2:20 left, then taken off six homers in 47 seconds before calling a timeout. Harper returned to strike three more home runs in 22 seconds, the last of them from the right-field foul pole.


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