Irrrve never feared sack at Manchester City like Sarri does at Chelsea, says Guardiola

Pep Guardiola has highlighted Chelsea’s short-term approach by stating he enjoyed Manchester City’s backing in such a way Antonio Conte never did and suggested Maurizio Sarri may encounter identical deficiency of support.

Guardiola struggled during his first season but never felt sense at all yet be removed. He cited this when saying his experience was different to that from Sarri, that’s under severe pressure throughout his opening campaign at Stamford Bridge.

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Guardiola said: “The situation [Sarri’s] might be a bit different [to mine]. In doing my newbie, never did the club doubt me. It was never in the news that I’d be sacked when they lose the bingo or another game. It never happened. I became surprised that after Conte won the title [two years ago] and they also lost a couple games at the beginning of the examples below season, people come to say he would be sacked.

“I said: ‘Wow, but several months ago they won the Premier League.’ Is actually completely different.”

Sarri will claim a trophy if he leads Chelsea to victory in Sunday’s Carabao Cup final against City. Guardiola’s side beat Chelsea 6-0 with this month’s Premier League meeting.

“In that moment I used to be so very happy to beat them the good news is I might prefer to not have beaten them 6-0,” Guardiola said. “I tend not to play an organization again in the short time frame, when you have beaten them by a whole lot. These are incredible professional players, they may be proud, they are going to do a supplementary [effort].

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“When we lost 2-0 in Stamford Bridge [in December] you may not accept a defeat in the home [in the return]. Yet it is the reasoning. Let us play the final, try and improve, be in the type of game you play in a very final so you can win.

“When we reviewed the experience [at the Etihad] C maybe folks don’t count on me nonetheless they did incredible things. The first goal was obviously a mistake, they weren’t focus. The [third] one Ross Barkley produced a mistake. Another one, Sergio [Agero] scores a wonderful goal. When that occurs it’s tough for any managers additionally, the teams. But they also did many, many delicacies. Which was my feeling. I’ve spoken with my staff plus they had the identical opinion.”

City did not train on Friday so Guardiola know on Saturday whether John Stones and Gabriel Jesus can be purchased after minor injuries. “The info I’ve got happens because are receiving better but at the moment I cannot say if he or she will likely be ready,” he said.

Aymeric Laporte has signed a two-year contract extension to 2025.


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