‘I just count money, that’s all I do’: the sporting quotes of 2018




Sam Allardyce was annoyed Everton asked fans to rate his performance as manager. Photograph: Geoff Caddick/AFP/Getty Images

20 April: “I involve some bad news” C Arsne Wenger breaks good news to his squad that he is to step down at Arsenal.

27 May: “Haven’t really slept until recently – the scenes are running through my head many times – I’m infinitely sorry to my teammates, available for you fans, for most of the staff. I understand which messed it down while using two mistakes and let you all down” C Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius apologises for his performance from the Champions League final.

13 June: “This is definitely a hard day and then we have decisions for making just a few days ahead of the World Cup starts” C Spanish Football Federation president, Luis Rubiales, sacks manager Julen Lopetegui around the eve of the World Cup after Real Madrid announce that he is to consider over for the reason that club’s manager. Lopetegui would by sacked without ceremony by Madrid in October.

16 June: “I honestly was not sure that there is no-one to smoke while in the stadium. I apologise to everyone” C Diego Maradona after lighting up a sizeable Cuban from the stands during Argentina v Iceland. Ten days later, he was treated by paramedics after appearing to collapse within the country’s victory over Nigeria.

2 July: “People should recognise that we’re among the best defenders within the world” C Croatia and Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren. Yep, that Dejan Lovren.

2 July: “It is shameful that so much time could be lost over one player. The delay for starters player lasted four minutes, and that is a lesson for only children who play. This needs to be a game of guys and not just a great deal of clowning around” C Mexico boss Juan Carlos Osorio speaks for any world when discussing Neymar’s play-acting.

15 July: “Sometimes the higher quality teams don’t win” C Croatia’s Luka Modric doesn’t take losing to France from the final well.

15 July: “It is very heavy, and also shiny!” C France’s N’Golo Kant on what holding the entire world Cup trophy is like.

23 July: “I am German when you win even so am an immigrant whenever we lose” C Mesut ?zil retires from international duty, citing racism as one of his reasons.

28 August: “3-0, 3-0. What happens it is? 3-0. Just about all means three Premierships so i won more Premierships alone in comparison to the other 19 managers together. Three in my opinion and also on their behalf two [Pep Guardiola and Manuel Pellegrini]. So respect man, respect, respect, respect” C Jos Mourinho demands some respect from Jamie Jackson.

17 September: “He was over a protein diet and we stood a chicken curry. He even experienced a cup a joe. He beat us all at Fifa and then we watched Match of waking time. It absolutely was a really nice evening” C N’Golo Kant spends every night in the fan’s house after missing his Eurostar from St Pancras after Chelsea’s 4-1 attract Cardiff.

2 October: “It sums up the society were in right now. There’s certainly no respect for anyone” C Steve Bruce is unimpressed at working with a cabbage lobbed at him during Aston Villa’s 3-3 draw with Preston.

26 October: “His first touch is sort of a trampoline. He isn’t intending to make it” C former Republic of Ireland striker and Perth Glory’s Andy Keogh on Usain Bolt’s prospects for a footballer.

28 October: “It is to set into words exactly how much you that will this football team and metropolis of Leicester. Never have I ever locate man just like you. So hard working, so passionate, so kind therefore generous from the extreme. You changed football. Forever! You gave hope to everyone the fact that impossible was possible. You literally made my dreams come true” C Kasper Schmeichel pays emotional tribute to Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha after his death from a helicopter crash beyond your King Power stadium.

27 November: “This grave and unacceptable mistake was completely outside of character and is created using a individual who have been experiencing severe personal difficulties unbeknownst on a vacation individuals the club” C Ballybrack FC apologise after falsely reporting the death of a single of their total players in order to get a casino game postponed. Minutes of silence were held at other grounds in honour of Fernando Nuno La-Fuente, merely still completely alive.

4 December: “No” C Ada Hegerberg responds to DJ Martin Solveig asking her to twerk after she won the inaugural women’s Ballon d’Or.

9 December: “So for all you newspapers that do not discover why consumers are racist during this day and age all I can say is have got a second pondered fair publicity” C Raheem Sterling calls from the media after being put through alleged racist abuse at Chelsea.

19 December: “Each time an instalment is closed I show my deepest respect i don’t make any comments about my former colleagues” C Mourinho gives his thoughts after being sacked by Man utd.


25 March: “I panicked a lot. That obviously ended in me shoving it down my trousers” C Cameron Bancroft on Sandpapergate.

29 March: “It would have been a failure of leadership, my leadership. I am going to regret this for the rest of my well being. I’m gutted” C Australia captain Steve Smith in time breaks down in tears when he takes the blame.

31 March: “In the rear of my mind I assume you will find a tiny ray of hope which i may at some point receive the privilege of playing for my country again, however am resigned that which may never happen” C David Warner expects the worst.

14 August: “Now the fact that trial has expired, Ben is keen to return to cricket being his sole focus” C England cricketer Ben Stokes is cleared of affray.

10 September: “I never was the best player the earth has seen but one thing I will are proud of is that often I genuinely believe Concerning get to be the best player i always might have become” C Alastair Cook brings his record-breaking England career with a close – that has a century.

12 September: “It shall be nice for getting someone in to start with slip who could actually keep hold of several. Discussion the quantity of wickets I could truthfully have got if he could catch?” C Jimmy Anderson cannot resists a dig at uncle Cook after going past Glenn McGrath in becoming probably the most prolific fast bowler in Test cricket.

Rugby union

‘He doesn’t play in the dinner suit’: Robert Kitson’s 25 best rugby union quotes of 2018.

Rugby league

26 August: “We’ve has a fire inside our belly as well as it why i am so proud to realize this” C Catalans captain, Rmi Casty, on his club’s history-making Challenge Cup final win.

9 October: “Some on the women within our game are such units and frequently they run at me and: ‘Oh dear'” C Castleford teenager Georgia Roche wins the inaugural Woman of Steel award.

3 December: “I was happy to be sacked” C Wayne Bennett’s spell at Brisbane Broncos ends with a sour note.

Motor sport

29 June: “It only can make it stronger and stronger. Following the time I know I will possibly be right” C Max Verstappen on dealing with criticism.

21 October: “Fucking finally” C Kimi Raikkonen wins a great Prix somebody in charge of in than 100 races, in Austin.

27 November: “I’m still here, walking and all aspects are good. Now i’m back racing and chasing my dream. This happened we survived due to the hospital. I am just intending to continue and work returning to where I ended” C F3 driver Sophia Floersch vows to return to the scene of her horror crash in Macau.

17 December: “Nowhere is perfect but we’ll go high & say were #ProudofStevenage” C Sharon Taylor, Stevenage Borough Council leader, responds to Lewis Hamilton referring to the brand new Town where he spent my youth as “the slums”.


8 May: “Twelve months ago I was thinking about chucking it and the actual doing a conversation after winning the 2018 world championship, naked” C Mark Williams keeps his word after promising to remove if he won the 2018 World Championship.

15 October: “It’s a hellhole. I am not sure what this gaff is, but I’ve just done interviews and everything I could smell is urine” C Ronnie O’Sullivan takes downside to Crawley’s K2 Leisure Centre, venue for that English Open.

3 December: “[I am] incredulous as always with Ronnie. He gets headlines, I am going to offer him that, yet it’s a nonsensical thought” C Barry Hearn, however, has no truck with O’Sullivan’s plans for that breakaway snooker competition.


8 July: “Look, I really don’t mean disrespect to anybody. I am aware it’s just a two-shot penalty. At that time, I merely didn’t find that moving back and forth – I’ve had several times where I’ve want to try this, I merely finally did. If somebody’s offended with that, I apologise. But toughen up” C Phil Mickelson takes the policies into his or her own hands.

22 July: “I would be a little hungover. I won’t lie. I had created excessive to drink the other day. And that i am frustrated yesterday, that today became, I wouldn’t say a write-off, however i didn’t feel I have been from the golf tournament. Whether I shot 69 or 73 today, it wouldn’t happen to be heartbreaking. Speculate it takes place, I shot 67. So, you no doubt know, it is just a funny game” C Eddie Pepperell on key to his final round charge for the Open.

30 September: “Let me use it like this, it will go on a part that only [my girlfriend] Grace will spot. The worst decision I made all week” C Thomas Bj?rn on promising to get a tattoo within the winning score should Europe win the Ryder Cup. He kept his word.


14 January: “I just count money, that’s all We do. I count my millions” C Bernard Tomic makes himself popular after unable to entitled to the Australian Open.

27 January: “Being here tonight as a grand slam champion, Australian Open champion, it’s special. Daphne goes home to me tonight. I shall be cuddling with her” C Caroline Wozniacki contains a special night planned using the Daphne Akhurst trophy after winning her first major title within the 43rd attempt.

27 May: “Let’s say for a long time your parts of writing were crap anytime when you come into Roland Garros. Right? Just crap. And your colleagues learn to say: ‘You know, you suck around that point.’ You can view guys digest may does one feel almost any lingering: ‘Oh, you know what ?? I would like to prove these bastards wrong.’ As well as it just sort of lingering there. Therefore it is not something I’m going to subscribe to, and i also don’t fall for I truly do. However, everyone don’t cause it to be easy” C Johanna Konta activates the British media after her first-round exit at the French Open.

31 May: “Where you against, buddy? Whenever they ever complete a tournament there I’m definitely coming for this accent. Love it” C Alexander Zverev makes friends while using British media after being confused after which charmed by a reporter’s Yorkshire accent.

30 August: “I need to assist you, I need to help you to; I have seen your matches: you’re suitable for tennis. I’m sure this isn’t you” C chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani gives Nick Kyrgios a controversial pep talk for the US Open.

9 September: “You are a liar. You will never be over a court of mine as long as you live. When might you provide me my apology? Say that you are sorry” C Serena Williams talks herself in a game penalty during her infamous meltdown in america alone Open final against Naomi Osaka.

1 October: “Have you ever eaten green tea leaf frozen treats? This is a serious question. Once you bite into it, it’s, like, sweet but additionally strong. That’s how that memory feels to me” C Osaka reflects with that bittersweet victory at Flushing Meadows.

26 July: “Fuck you” C 2 days later, Froome represents another gendarme.

12 December: “Either we go forward together with a brand new partner, or there’ll come a timescale when this is not probably going to be possible the ones move on” C Sir Dave Brailsford for the struggle ahead after sponsor Sky pulls the plug on backing his cycling team.


10 June: “He’s flying” C Juan Miguel Echevarria’s coach, Daniel Osorio, as his charge C with wind assistance C very nearly jumps the entire pit to win the long jump title on the Diamond League’s Stockholm meeting.

19 November: “You go from fear to anger asking: ‘Why did this affect me?’ One thing doctors say is to not smoke, shed weight, workout and have fit C well it is precisely what I’d been doing as soon as happened. I’m pretty angry for half a day” C Michael Johnson reveals his anger after discovering he’d a break down stroke.

9 December: “I’m content to win to the second time” C Jimmy Gressier brushes over his knee-slide embarrassment after winning the eu under-23 Cross-country title.


16 November: “Every time I walked past there was clearly a waft of rotten eggs so that is why I assumed that it was him. Its wasn’t me. I was thinking he or she a shit and I went ‘That’s dirty’. It had been bad. It had become a stink. Establishing began to play better and so i thought he must have was required to get some wind out. If somebody is performing that they must visit a doctor” C Gary Anderson causes a stink by accusing Wesley Harms of farting over the oche. The Dutchman’s retort? “If the boy thinks I’ve farted he’s 1,010% wrong.”

Modern pentathlon

14 September: “It’s a bit of a rookie move. He was completely right when he was quoted saying he felt stupid C it is stupid” C Jamie Cooke reflects on becoming Britain’s first male world champion for 20 years after snatching victory from Frenchman Valentin Prades, who had started celebrating 50 yards with the line thinking he won.


23 May: “I’ve were built with a lot of practice” C Within the Races presenter Hayley Moore wrestles a runaway horse under control.

11 August: “We’re racing against the best jockeys around the world and we’ve beat them on level terms. Just saying” C Hayley Turner after a female team of jockeys beat three male teams in Ascot’s Shergar Cup, during which she was top jockey in my ballet shoes on the 11th attempt.


8 May: “If my father hadn’t stepped in they were referring to me getting the six-pack C elbows, knees and ankle. But my dad convinced the crooks to only provide one bullet” C Eamonn Magee tells Donald McRae about his punishment in the IRA.


28 November: “So, here i was obtaining a pint in a Wetherspoon’s pub in Holborn, central London, when who should walk in but Magnus Carlsen? Actually, I did not see him walk in C I was busy postmorteming two games using this night’s London League division three match between Battersea 2 and Mushrooms 2. I congratulated Magnus on his win – But returning to the original more vital matters, my draw means my Battersea unbeaten streak has reached 18 games” C chess blogger Tim Spanton reveals Magnus Carlsen celebrated his world title victory over Fabiano Caruana in the London ‘Spoons.

Winter sports

10 February: “I am really Pumped watching winter months Olympics. I am watching events Never imagined I might watch before, like curling. You heard me, curling, fool!” C Mr T: curling fan.

25 February: “I sent it too rigorous, prematurily . and peaked out. Most of the Kiwis got there and asked ‘where’s Billy’ but I’d gone. I cannot remember but apparently I’d been taken back inside of a trolley” C British snowboarder Billy Morgan celebrates his Winter Olympics bronze a little too hard.

25 February: “Everyone knows him as Mad Eddie as he is a bit of a loose dude. He’s an engineer so he earned some crazy stuff in his day. Once he even shot himself by using a booby trap C he was a student in the papers for this. There was burglars get into our residence. It wasn’t actually going becoming a booby trap to hurt them, just to go ‘bang!’ once they climbed across the fence. But he shot himself within the stomach that has a 12-gauge cartridge. He was like testing against eachother and fiddling by using it and, yeah, he previously had to consult with hospital” C Morgan again, this time around on his dad.

19 November: “They went to twist plus they were extremely drunk and breaking brooms and swearing. Enough was enough” C Wade Thurber, facility manager at Red Deer Curling Centre, on why he ejected an Olympic champion’s team from a tournament in Canada.


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