Diallo leaps over Shaq to win NBA slam-dunk contest as Harris shocks Steph Curry

Oklahoma City’s Hamidou Diallo use a show throughout the NBA’s All-Star weekend to win the league’s annual slam dunk contest.

Diallo attained a dunk which is discussed for a long time during the first round dunking over Shaquille O’Neal, hanging on the rim by his elbow, then tearing open his jersey to disclose a “Superman” shirt underneath. And his awesome first dunk within the final round had the top his head at almost rim level, putting him the leader after his opponent, New York’s Dennis Smith Jr, still did not complete a dunk as part of his first try of your final.

Smith then leapfrogged Miami’s Dwyane Wade and took a lob from Stephen Curry to offer himself a possibility together with his last dunk, buying a perfect score from the judges as well as a round of boos on the crowd, several of whom weren’t that impressed. That left Diallo because night’s final participant. Diallo got rapper Quavo out from the crowd, put the ball in the hands, then grabbed it as he went airborne with the slam that sealed the title.

But probably the most remarkable story of your night came when Brooklyn’s unheralded Joe Harris held off one of the better shooters out of them all, Stephen Curry, to win the three-point contest. Harris made 12 straight shots within the final round and went an incredible 15 for 18 on moneyballs C the shots really worth most C to win the three-point title. He over and done with 26 of your possible 34 points inside final round, beating Curry by two. Sacramento’s Buddy Hield was third with 19 final-round points.

“Obviously, it’s incredible,” Harris said. “Steph is a better shooter in recent history. But, again, shooting away from the rack to get a minute seriously isn’t suggestive of like a better shooter than Steph Curry. I don’t want anybody to obtain it twisted in any respect.”

And the runner-up made a winner, too. Stephen Curry and the brother Seth Curry with the Portland Trail Blazers had a bet where the winner in the three-point contest, by which these folks were both entrants, have to spend on tickets for the family in the all their careers.

Seth Curry didn’t get free from the first round. He said that though his brother didn’t win, he’d pay up. “It stands. He got that 27 in Round One that is certainly impressive,” Seth Curry said. “He deserved to win the bet and that i should do what I had reached do.”

The Curry family has a good weekend in Charlotte. Father Dell Curry is usually a former Charlotte star, Steph is actually a three-time NBA champion, Seth is within the league and mother Sonya beat all of them through an underhand half-court shot on Friday. “I will have loved the storybook ending Steph returns and wins in their native Charlotte,” Stephen Curry said. “That’s buying and selling domains had it in doing my head anyway.”

The night started with the ability challenge, along with the Celtics’ Jayson Tatum edged Atlanta rookie Trae Young while in the final start by making an attempt from just beyond the midcourt stripe. Young was previous to Tatum inside competition where players ought to execute some passes, a layup and then a three-pointer.Fearing that Young can make his three before Tatum may even purchase one off, he permit it to fly from about 50 feet. “I didn’t desire to give Trae the opportunity,” Tatum said. “I honestly didn’t know I used to be likely to hit the shot, but I must give myself an opportunity and throw it down there. It helped the ideal.”


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