Matija Nastasic: ‘I told Pellegrini it had become better for you plainly left City’




Matija Nastasic within his Manchester City days. Photograph: Laurence Griffiths/The FA via Getty Images

Nastasic had blossomed under Roberto Mancini’s management but life with Pellegrini was different. Knee and calf injuries disrupted the title-winning 2013-14 season and errors crept in. He missed its final 12 weeks and then there wasn’t made use of to your extent that Pellegrini, listing his centre-backs in October 2014, never name Nastasic until prompted by the journalist.

“It was obviously a little shock to me,” he admits that. “You obtain one injury and next you are not playing very much. I was young, possibly at that age you think that: ‘I have to play the many time’ and all sorts of these matters. Once i recall now it had not been easy for the coach; we were treated to a lot of good players, as every big team does. Things were vertical but I became happy we won the title and i know I was portion of it.”

The admission of youthful impetuosity should not be confused with self-reproach about leaving for Schalke, who he joined


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